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.simple dreams are painful. [userpic]



Challenge entries may be posted at anytime.
Submissions due by December 31st.

So here's the challenge.
Strawberries, ink, and a garden.
aka. Painting the strawberry garden with ink.

Make more and better challenge suggestions here.

Any variation, please.
Have fun! =DD

.simple dreams are painful. [userpic]

Heeeey everybody!
So, yes. I am back once again.
Hopefully for good this time. I was wondering if instead of monthly challenges, should we do weekly ones? It'd be easier for me to remember because then I can just set a little alarm on my phone, and bam! no more forgetting. I really need a back up mod to help me remember... Anywho!

Here's your challenge:

antidote, pennies, photograph

Sorry I couldn't make it pretty. It takes to long on a phone. My computer isn't working.

kanjo_girl [userpic]

Hey there, guys!  Since I'm over at deviantART, I browse a lot.  However, I stumbled across a group called we-love-naruto-crack.  It's just starting out and NEEDS NEW MEMBERS. 

The group is also hosting a contest

if [userpic]

Just an update with ch.3 to my ongoing fic~

Title: Caught You on the Flip Side
Genre: Spiritual/General/Romance
Rating: T
Pairing: Deidara/Ino
Summary: I knew you once, a long time ago. You were born in a nebula, and I was born in a star, and the spark of our union was enough to ignite a thousand Big Bangs. And though I don't remember you, I've never stopped searching. AU.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

kanjo_girl [userpic]

For this month's challenge!
(I used "laundry" and "shower curtains")

marked faces in my lap

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Char./Pairing: Kankurou/Ino

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: implied sexual relationship

Summary: There's not much he can say, because she's the one talking.

Two arms enrap his abdomen lightly, like he'll break. )


I also made a few crack pairing fics awhile ago.

fics under the cut!Collapse )

And I made a picture awhile back and finally posted it on dA! 
Under the cut!~Collapse )

There's a group on deviantART that holds a bunch of awesome crack couples: NarutoCrackCouples.

that one freak [userpic]

So I thought I could write this as a reply to this month’s challenge, since I love the prompts, and with a pairing I’ve wanted to write for some time now. I hope you like it and please tell me what you think about it. (:

Title: Oranges
Author/Artist: redriding_freak 
Rating: M
Pairing(s): Tenten/Hinata mainly
Living with the cruel semantics of being a kunoichi in a world made for males.

Not many know this, but in truth Tenten has beautiful hair.

Hinata struggles not to notice this as her hands, her chakra, work out paths to stitch together every inch of Tenten’s injured chest until she is no longer thorn, incomplete—until she is perfect once more. Instead, her mind meanders through the intricate nets of muscles, nerves and chakra paths and the birds eat the crumbs meanwhile. Instead, Tenten’s hair—long, wildly knotted, and oozing on her body and the ground like melted milk chocolate—fills the Hyuuga’s sight.

read here[info]redriding_freak 

Moldy :) [userpic]

Dude, read it.  Just read it.

lolololololol! XD

bwahahaha, ohmigosh, dude, just go.  Seriously. hahahahha! XD

Moldy :) [userpic]

Just go to it, seriously.


Moldy :) [userpic]

Title: Speech No Jutsu - Tenten
Summary: Team Gai, need I say more?
Pairing: Team Gai.
Note: Okay, shut up, I know.  But it counts because they're rarely ever in the manga (and totally the coolest) and LeeNeji makes me giggle (BUT I DID NOT SAY THAT IT WAS THAT) and so does LeeSaku (PAIGE THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT).  And there's no point and this is unbeta'd so if anyone has the urge to do so, be my guest.
Disclaimer: One day, Kishi... one day...


Dude, there is no point.Collapse )

kanjo_girl [userpic]

the crack fics under cutCollapse )

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